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This may confirm your visit to PayPal. If so, your transaction has been completed and your license will be emailed to you soon. You may log on to your account or transaction at to view details of this license purchase The zip file with all of the fonts will be an attachment to a second e-mail that will follow your license.
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If you've come here after licensing, or even by mistake, I don't want you to leave empty-handed. So here's a worthless bit of information for you: The cloud pictures are one of the categories of photographs that I take and save. I just thought they'd make interesting motifs for the web pages.
Date: xx/xx/xxxx

I am temporarily on vacation or out of town. But you can still purchase a license while you're here. Your license will date from the day of your payment. I will send you your license and the 47 fonts zip file when I'm back in town. Thanks for your patience!
I'm just gonna use this spot as a warehouse for this text block. Then I can find it easily next time before I go out of town next time.