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Name to Put on License:
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You may start using the font(s) for commercial purposes just as soon as you've completed PayPal. You will receive a user license.pdf, via e-mail, that is specific to you or your business, within one hour to a couple of days. (Sometimes, I'm out of town.) I will also send a second e-mail with a zip file that includes all 47 fonts.

Your email address will only be used to send your license and fonts zip file. It will not be added to any address book, mailing list or sold to other entities.Thank you for your purchase.
Purchase Via Mail
You may also use a check or money order for payment instead of PayPal. I can also provide an advance invoice which you can use for payment. If you'd like any of these services, simply email a message to "Tom" and we'll arrange it. [If you "copy" that email address, you must remove the space between "Tom" and "@" before sending. The space is there to prevent spam web crawlers from gathering my e-mail.]
Pay with PayPal
Use any major credit card, bank card or your existing account. Pre-fill this form before going to PayPal. Information is not saved on this site.

Simply select your type of agreement at the left, type in the name that you want on the agreement and then click "Buy Now" to go to PayPal. This does not commit you to purchase.

 After payment is completed at PayPal, they will alert me and I'll email your custom user license.
You will also receive a zip file of all 47 fonts.
PayPal Plan B
Sometimes PayPal has problems. Go figure. If you have a problem getting PayPal to complete the transaction or get some other error, just bail out and go to PayPal directly at "". All you need to know before going there is the amount of licensing fee you'll be sending and that it goes to me as "Tom" (minus the space, which confuses spam email address web crawlers). Going directly to PayPal, you can send funds to anyone for whom you have a valid e-mail address. When I get the payment e-mail from PayPal, I'll get back to you directly to clarify the details, license name and so forth.
License start date
"Buy Now" button sends you to PayPal to complete.
You do not need to return here after visiting PayPal.
Receive PayPal Invoice
Another way to complete the purchase is for me to send you an invoice from PayPal. To do this, simply send an email to Tom telling me what level of license you need and the name to be put on the license. I will generate an invoice at PayPal, which they will send to you. Pay the invoice and I'll be notified of payment. I'll complete your license and send it to you - followed by a separate email with the 47fonts zip file.