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If the fonts are used on a project, even a personal project, and it is created or related to an intent to generate revenue (whether profitable or not) for yourself or some other entity, then a license is required.

Any business entity that does not file a non-profit tax return, is a commercial entity for purposes of licensing. Whether a business is making a profit (yet) or not, is irrelevant.

When used in profit-making enterprises, these copyrighted fonts require a licensing fee. The one-time fee offers your business the freedom to use any or ALL of these fonts, as you wish, in your profit-making endeavors. (However, you may not re-distribute the font, as a font, in part of some software package or stencil program or other similar uses. If you'd like to do that, contact me. We'll work something out .)
Personal / Charitable Usage
If these fonts are used for purely personal, non-commercial projects [such as clothing monograms, kids' science projects, your kayak club], they are free for use on those types of projects.

If these fonts are used for legitimate, non-profit activities [such as charitable foundations, scouts' bake sales, cheerleader carwashes], they are free for use on those projects.

If used for projects, however personal, with the intent to or result of generating income for yourself or some other profit-making entity, then a commercial license is required.
Commercial Usage