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These 47 fonts were created for personal and business use in the early 1990s. I did not expect that they would still be usable in modern operating systems 25 years later. There's a chance they may even outlive me!

The fonts fall into three categories of creation: totally original; digitized versions of 19th and early 20th century hot type (metal) fonts; plus some alternative digitizations of more modern fonts.

There are also three dingbat fonts for: creating calendars directly from keystrokes, creating maps directly from keystrokes, and for making borders and frames from keystrokes.

Most of the type fonts were created for headline and graphical (such as logos) usage. The only fonts which come close to being appropriate for text are the NewForum family of fonts. (In fact, the NewForum family includes additional weights not shown here. See the Alphabeticon for those.)

Some of the designs are very graphical and intended for headline usage. They do not lend themselves well to having a lower case set of characters in addition to the uppers. Those fonts have a blank lower case set or the uppers are repeated, for convenience, in the lower case set.
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