Graphics that help the marketing
My thirty years of experience in advertising covers quite a range of subjects: banana splits to retro rockets, electrical insulators to pig enclosures, stilt homes to manufactured homes, radial tires to employment hires, restaurants to condos to trailer parks. Retail, wholesale and manufacturing. All of this advertising had common goals -- to communicate accurately and effectively, to generate interest and to motivate the reader to some desirable end. Those ends ranged from simply informing their readers to motivating readers to open their checkbooks. Collateral advertising materials consist of all the published items (i.e. non-media, radio, tv, web) that a company uses to represent itself to the public. These are items like annual reports, sales support materials, catalogs, technical bulletins, convention and expo materials and much more:

Corporate sales brochures
Technical product flyers
Product catalogs
Newspaper, magazine and technical publication advertising
Audio-visual presentations