Commercial Licensing
During my graphic design work, I have created over 45 fonts which are available for download from numerous font bank sites (as well as from me). When used in profit-making enterprises, these copyrighted fonts require a licensing fee. The one-time fee offers your business the freedom to use any or ALL of these fonts, as you wish, in your profit-making endeavors. (However, you may not re-distribute the font, as a font, in part of some software package or stencil program or other similar uses. If you'd like to do that, contact me. We'll make a deal.)
Personal or Charitable Usage
My fonts are freely available for downloading from numerous font websites. If the fonts are used for purely personal projects or legitimate non-profit activities, they are free for use. But if the font(s) are used in your project, even a personal project, and it is created with the intent to generate income, for yourself or some other entity, then a license is required.
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